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Tuesday 21 June, 2016 | RSS Feed

Steal Marlboro Cigarettes

Mr. Wang opened a store in Yinzhou City Village Tang xi. January 7th at 11 Am, he came to the store a 60 year old man wearing a dark down jacket. Mr. Wang to see each other somewhat familiar, there is a period of time before often come to the shop to buy cigarettes. This time, the man bought a lot of snacks, Mr. Wang came to help him find an empty box. "Give me two cartons Marlboro cigarettes." The man said. Took the cigarettes, the man conveniently placed in the box. See the man buy something, Mr. Wang bow began afterwards, two soft Marlboro cigarettes worth 1440 yuan, plus other snacks, a total of 2000 yuan.

"It's so expensive!" Man shouted up, I haven't been educated, you do not lie to me, I went to the door to call a friend to pay the money." Voice did not fall, the man dodged out. Mr. Wang started and did not pay attention, after a long time but no one has come back, there is little wonder, and looked up carton in sight, heart suddenly "thump" about: cardboard boxes which have cigarette shadow. Mr. Wang's shop opened in an alley, there is no monitoring. Police retrieved surveillance video nearby, finally found the suspect.

"That's him! It is him!" Mr. Wang pointed to the man in the monitor screen, excitedly. Monitor screen display, the man is wearing a red cotton, followed by a 30 year old woman turned into an alley. About 20 minutes later, the two people came out in a hurry. Police conducted a video track, found that two people followed on a gray Changan van, while the car is controled by another young man. In January 11th, police arrested the 3 suspects in Beilun. The man who went to Mr. Wang’s store to buy things is called Lin, the other two are his son and daughter in law. Lin is in the charge of shoplifting, daughter-in-law in the shop at the entrance to the lookout, and his son drived. In general, they will choose to open the store in a secluded spot.

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