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Saturday 25 June, 2016 | RSS Feed

Smoking Postures

Palm outwards and with the thumb and index finger clip, those men don’t hide secret and they are open, good social, very easily with anyone close, very popular. The attitude of things often behave very actively, seems to be a very positive person, but once things to will be imminent halfway. In the hearts of women, is a caring, compassionate person, but also a good object to discuss things, but in the conversation more lightly.

Palm open, with the middle finger and index finger clip, those men are aggressive and alert heart is very strong type. A strong personality, good and evil, it is easy to accept a friend or a friend of the opposite sex, but like or hate share very clearly, like will open atrium, with a friend, once disgust, become very cold as if he did not know. For those who are determined to do, even if there is a lot of resistance to be done, before doing what you want to do, you will spend a lot of time, think carefully, and plan carefully. Select the object to the young can match, also can get along together.

Without clamps the hand and placed directly in the mouth, rash, those men who have anything to interrupt, and humorsome, very imprudent, and likely to easy to believe others, and a little nervous, so the chance of being cheated is also considerable. Looks like is a very execution, but is actually a very sloppy people, on what is casual, can not grasp the principle often and their opinions out of touch, also always do something wrong, but in love is very enthusiastic, and bold move the great lover, so women and this association to be carefully considered. Finger and finger take turns to take, the spirit is not set. Neurotic is very sensitive, the reaction to any thing is very strong, so the spirit has been unable to be very stable. And the condition of the body is not ideal, because of these circumstances, so no matter what to do, can not be a very good finish. Look at the falling ash, throw cigarette butts, at the moment, perhaps all this cycle. Because when a woman was a little hurt, they will cry, but the man who smokes only from the bag took out a cigarette, very elegant lighting it, will not cry, because the man is strong. He chose to smoke, that is a beautiful society. Sometimes, love is a kind of hurt, the man in the hurt to find happiness; smoking is also a kind of hurt, but it will let the man forget the love of the hurt. If no smoking man is a lily, the smoking man is a mandala.

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