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Thursday 30 June, 2016 | RSS Feed

Girls Around Me

Girls around me, they are actually ordinary girls, but they chose another way to express themselves. Everyone has their own story, but the story of others in your opinion may not be the story, for example, I said the story in your eyes is not so worth mentioning. Why do the girls smoke from Newport pleasure? Perhaps in pursuit of equality between men and women, women smoking has become a symbol of the shackles of the traditional concept of. Women who smokes seems to give people the impression of social challenges, more and more women think they can do things a man can do, smoking women became they proved that equality between men and women as a means, and psychological also produced meet certain sense. Because of the need of work due to the formation of the unique family of white-collar female smokers, they have a rich knowledge, elegant temperament, smart fickle, they play a more and more important role in social life

From most people view, the man who smokes is very natural and unrestrained feeling, while the smoke of the woman let a person feel some weird alternative and the vicissitudes of life. In fact, every woman who likes to smoke, there will be her own business and story, when when they have a kind of sad or unhappy, but also like to use a Newport cigarette to calm their feelings. And it’s hard to say, but I know that without the scar, the girl will not fall in love with a cigarette, if say, non-smoking woman is a touch of carmine, then the smoking woman is a flower Mandala. They have a cigarette, a deep, a bit lazy, a little a little charming, gentle, and a little sensation. A cigarette, more like a parting. The smoke gradually disappeared, gone with the style and fantasy.

Smoking girl is like a cocktail, each cup are not the same, sweet and salty sour hot, every cup are maverick not losing the style, they also have their own thoughts and the story. For them, smoke is not a physiological need, smoke is a psychological need. It’s not the reasons for that they’re lonely, but for they’re used to it. Yes ah, smoking is sometimes a habit, like eating and sleeping. Now women who smoke often display a full strength of sexy beauty, they don’t pretend to be elegant for others, she is in thinking, she is in the sad, she is in a lively, which will be smoking, and smoking is just smoking only, you do not need to add any tag in them. What’s more, you can’t label anyone. Not perfect is a kind of beauty, madness is a kind of talent.

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