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Thursday 07 July, 2016 | RSS Feed

I Am A Smoker

I was 20 years old to start smoking candy cigarettes, suction head two years is sporadic, I didn't feel what, on the other hand, because there is no income, so absorbing. From work, there are plenty of personal disposable income, smoking has become one of main enjoy personal and work, after dinner, toilet, before going to bed, after the situation of a cigarette is very important, I have repeatedly midnight go out looking for 24 hours club to buy cigarettes experience.

During this period, the amount of smoke in my day 12 to 15. After 30 years old, obvious chest tightness, shortness of breath, I take the initiative to amount of smoke is reduced to one day 5 to 7, and at the age of 32 smoking cigarettes, but due to the resignation of unemployment, and relapse, smoke amount has not changed, but has not been in good health (I've always been a light exercise walk, play a dumbbell, prostrate support etc. but against the damage of smoking), saying the youth smoking is really not easy, this year in I constantly not in want to smoke a cigarette. After the age of 35, along with the age growth, metabolism to slow down, the situation is obviously serious, heavy cold from once a year a year two or three times, often have a headache, sleep is not good, hate is not stop coughing, time and place. I feel that if I suck on the rest of my life is a miserable, do not want to know, although no problems in physical examination.

So at the age of 41 in the first month of fifteen, I have officially quit smoking for four years. As for the pain and psychological struggle to quit smoking here is not to say, just talk about the physical condition. In four years I love running, now every 15-20 kilometers more than 3 hours, is spent on training every day. No cold, no headache, no insomnia, no stop cough. However, not smoking and exercise can restore all. My pharyngitis and rhinitis have no good agile, I don't think I would. Air quality is poor, I still have to cough, dry nose in winter, very painful. And my memory has been destroyed by 20 years of smoking experience, the old can not remember, a new record does not live.

So, I really regret that I smoked my first cigarette at the age of 20. Parliament cigarettes is not a pure enjoyment of things, it will in both psychological and physical slowly to control you and make you unable to stop, so that a lot of people to death is not cheerful. So you say the amount of smoke control, put it into a no harm to the body of the pure enjoyment of activities is simply not possible, I had thought of it that way, but I found, for smoking, or decided to quit the, either by the control of it, there is no middle ground.

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