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Saturday 16 July, 2016 | RSS Feed

Man Must Pay Attention to Smoking Women

Some smoking woman is cigarette butts on the spark, some women is it the body in white, but also some women is the smoke spirit - self closed silent in the ashtray soot. If you are a man, no matter if you smoke, you must pay attention to one or two women who smoke. You or hate, or like, this is the reason. If you hate or love smoking women, why do you think she is a paragraph in the cigarette and why are you hate or be loved by you? The total a paragraph is your heart knot, or is lifetime of yearning, so you can love like this or such hate a smoking woman! Of course, you could simply to smoking woman turned a blind eye. If so, then you are indeed a mediocre and boring man. In fact, a woman's burning cigarette is her own.

But men the most reluctant wife smoke, if encounter, dismissive "do you like a woman?" and a woman although did not think in cigarette in front of the right man, but tolerate man all day long swallow tobacco spit fog, and quietly for the man pack good residual ash. Smoking Newport cigarettes woman won't be very obedient, because they take the hobbies and personality is more important than anything, who could persuade them, they put yourself in the crowd around the center, with smoking to highlight their own distinctive, even through the smoke to express yourself to others contempt and disdain. In fact, their hearts are very sad.

Often heard a woman smoking a Newport cigarette, said, I will not because of any one of the men to quit smoking. This sounds very cool, actually very sour. These people, most of them are lack of care of men, their heart is full of desire, desire to have a man stood out in the tone of love to persuade her to quit smoking. Smoking women, mostly through the dust and magnificence washed! Because experienced the dust, so only emitted mature "feminine", let a man wandering; because while washing as, so to stand out in the playground, let man Yang check; because both experienced the eolian and cosmetics wash, so it is immortal, is lets the man delirious. Hope of man: smoking lucky strike cigarettes bring to a woman's past, ambition, desire and temperament groundless guess of the imagination can reach the extreme. , about the harm of smoking to the woman, in addition to the truth of a well-known like harmful to health and a reputation damage. If not stoop. If this is not to be taken as alternative trait deliberately to do "show" and continue to smoke woman, I think, it should stop called.

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