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See wife so decisive, dragon also scared silly, he said although to Wenzhou, now a police station gate do not know the to the left or the right, you have absolutely no clue, ask the police for help to your wife, talking and he went down on his knees. Longmou said his wife just to come back, whether it is home to Jiangxi or stay in Wenzhou, as long as one family together. He search cigarettes for sale online. In view of the Long Mou's actual situation, the police first its criticism of education, then helped him to find his wife foothold, the Dragon said before his wife Ge Aizhen once in Zhuhai garment factory work, so to Wenzhou may also engaged in the same occupation. And longmou got the news, his wife may in the area of Shuangyu shoe factory workers, then immediately catch the past looking for. But regret is that in Shuangyu, the Dragon did not find a wife, he said then they will continue to look down, do not give up any hope. He likes smoke Newport menthol cigarettes.

Every new year, buy special purchases for the Spring Festival is an indispensable link. I always acts as a porter role, to accompany his mother to buy a lot of things together -- paste couplets on the door, filled with fruit box fruit, and then go out when father told a long time cigarette. In the numerous special purchases for the Spring Festival yellow one, Mount Huangshan tobacco is very special. Mother with rich food to entertain guests at home, while his father is with cigarettes served men, is very strange, as long as the point of a cigarette, between them always have lots to talk about the topic, smoked a root, it didn't say that finish, again a root. So that they can talk all day, as if to a year of joy and troubles are empty, and then suck on a mouth, a cigarette, smoke ring a spit, infinite relax their own loose.

Courtyard of the sun lazily basking in the sun, father is perhaps tired, lying on the chair, carefree and leisurely, smoking a cigarette, the kind of comfortable, let a person have no envy. I went to him and said: "Dad, I work for you to change a smoke." And the father said: "most of the lifetime smoking habits of home, the smell of smoke." Then a deep breath of the mouth said: "a product of the Mount Huangshan sky, ah, life is like this, want to open." I don’t care how much nicotine in cigarettes. I like Newport and Marlboro cigarettes.

Woman dies after being partially eaten by pack of stray dogs in

A 64-year-old woman from the south Indian state of Kerala was mauled by a group of stray dogs while visiting the beach in her coastal village of Pulluvila. According to witnesses, the woman, Siluvamma, who was walking on the beach, was suddenly surrounded by close to 50 dogs that attacked her. Her son Selvaraj attempted to rescue her and drive away the strays but was unable to after some of the dogs took chase after him. "I could see more dogs running in to join the pack," Selvaraj told reporters. After more people joined in, they were able to drive the dogs away but by then the woman had already been bitten numerous times and residents claim parts of her arms and legs had been bitten off. The senior woman was rushed to a local hospital but died on the way. "We have lost all our patience as the authorities are hanging on to some obscure law which says dogs cannot be eliminated. Are we inferior to these dogs," one member of a group of angry residents told NDTV. Less than an hour after the incident, another 50-year-old woman was also attacked at another spot along the seafront. Residents of the villages use the beach as a toilet and have noticed a rising number of dogs in the area which feed on raw meat that is disposed off there. Kerala has a high population of feral dogs and has taken drastic measures to reduce it. At least 100,000 people in the state have been bitten by strays. In 2015, the state government allowed for the mass slaughter of stray dogs, leading to the culling of close to 50,000 of the animals. Despite international outrage, the government had refused to ban the practice.

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