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Biden joins Clinton on the trail as Trump struggles mount

SCRANTON, Pa. — Vice President Joe Biden told voters at a Monday afternoon rally in his blue-collar hometown that Hillary Clinton understands the concerns of the middle class, while Donald Trump is seeking to exploit them.
“He’s trying to say he cares about the middle class,” Biden said. “Give me a break. And to repeat myself, it’s such a bunch of malarkey. He doesn’t have a clue.” The crowd erupted into cheers at Biden’s signature “malarkey” line — which he famously used at the Democratic National Convention last month.
During her brief remarks before Biden spoke, Clinton stressed her own ties to Scranton — her grandfather and father lived there, and she was christened at a local church — and tied it into her economic message. “I always remember that I am the granddaughter of a factory worker and the daughter of a small business owner and I’m so proud,” she said.
Both Clinton and Biden blasted Trump, with Clinton stressing that his economic plan is designed to benefit himself and other wealthy people. Clinton said Trump’s plan to eliminate the estate tax would save him $4 billion if he is as wealthy as he claims.
“Think of what we could do with those $4 billion,” she said. “We could pay for more than 47,000 veterans to get a four-year college education. We could provide health care to nearly 3 million kids.”