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Cigarette culture

Lit a Newport cigarette is sucked into the culture, charm and breath of feelings. Cigarette in many occasions, you can narrow the distance between people, which is where the cigarette culture. Cigarettes, in the moment is already a lot of people, one of the partner, it as a kind of spiritual hobby, in addition to its role in biochemistry, consumers also need to have a faith to support. Candy Cigarette is the carrier of human civilization. A small box and a variety of smoking in the performance of a culture. Smoking itself is a kind of cultural activities. Some people smoke, some people do not smoke, this is a choice, a kind of attitude towards life. Smoking a cigarette, is in fact the feeling behind the cigarette culture, metaphor and symbol. "Kim Sung" the old revolutionary base areas and the red feeling interpretation incisively and vividly; "555" will the light of science and technology show Shuangxin; "Hongtashan" pride, "Baisha" freedom, "Red Eagle" struggle, vigor of "Red River", "clouds" such as noble like elegant, "shangri la" mysterious and beautiful... Every tobacco brand shows a belief in the consumer. Click on the target consumers that the hardest is perhaps the most soft heart essence is successful cigarette brand appeal.

Newport Cigarettes, in the strict sense, is an absolute luxury. Pass the information of the cigarette, in addition to the cigarette itself can only attend to the left and right side of it. One because of the restrictions on tobacco advertising, the two is more because of the satisfaction of the cigarette is a state of mind, there is no uniform standard. Different scenarios, different mentality, different fashion, feelings are not the same. Ten thousand readers in the heart of ten thousand Hamlett, all of the smokers to a certain kind of smoke is not the same feeling. The value of the cheap cigarettes can be fully realized after combustion, in the contact of smoke and fire, the cigarette is sublimation in the combustion process. "Vanish into thin air", this is the definition of cigarette consumption process. When the cigarette disappear, cigarette smoke after burning out like clouds away. For smokers, it is lost, that is, to get the sense of satisfaction of tobacco while losing the tobacco itself. So to say, without a belief in supporting this process, smoking is what meaning, but is burned tobacco wrapped in a piece of paper.

As a kind of commodity, the nature has its commodity attribute, but it is more important than the substance and spirit between the swap products, such as monosodium glutamate, not the same, there is a better. Perhaps, lucky strike cigarettes will really disappear from the world, and more and more people will find a better way to find a better way to care for their homes. People want to have the best information to others to tell their own, want to be sure. But sometimes the language is weak. The product of people's consumption is the best cultural transmission. Store all kinds of cigarettes are a superb collection of beautiful things of a claim, in the expression of a kind of cultural idea, that is a kind of feelings.