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Recently a lot of things, in fact, does not matter, I still comfortable the pretend to be busy, don't want bad facts impact I managed to full happiness feeling, yesterday in an enjoyable atmosphere had a warm and memorable birthday, after the tea cools down suddenly at recognize pure and old one year old facts become some feelings, I know their changes over the years. It is said that unknown exactly what has changed, I still smile when you smile, not happy to find no one place mob wine mad, smoking a Marlboro cigarette, life is still very comfortable.

Life rushed to greet many people, met the greeting, strangers approached to able to greet, in friends, the more pay less feeling behind, dark with many unknown tired, just as eager to embrace the hedgehog, both want to get warm and afraid of being hurt, contradiction let oneself to become entangled in, I am not a absolute sincerity, in the realistic society fought after all these years I think I can no longer have any naive idea, for some work outside the emotion becomes impatient, such as face faster than the book I will at a distance as far as possible, I have no time to have no patience to consume I already tired energy to accompany your childish. Of course, when echocardiography, but often there is no end. Most of the time just won't ever have been a beautiful, worth me to finish. I feel now take up and put it down, it is, regardless of love, affection, friendship, and frustration, I hope you can really mature operating in life trajectory, live more and more clear, sometimes with some things, some people make a farewell, I don't be sad, tell yourself some time was improbable, forget themselves in the rivers and lakes may be each other the most prudent choice. At this time, I need a make a Marlboro cigarette, to keep me happy.

In fact, I did not imagine so strong, but I than you want to be strong, to tenacious spent each a sad reminder of the bottom finally tenacious climb is attaboy, fell more than the pain, generally only broken teeth the pharynx to the stomach inside, no matter what will happen in the future, no matter to the take away what, I still insist on to stick to their own, still strong with their own strong, these will go down the shadow to accompany my unswerving, go in search of happiness on the road, I although alone, but not lonely. Because I know I will waiting for me. When I couldn’t get back to bed at night, I will light a Marlboro cigarette, then I am at ease.