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As the saying goes, "alcohol and tobacco are not the separation", people who smoke are always on the table put a tin of tobacco, guest is offering each other cigarettes. This is at least polite. But in the Anti Japanese War, this situation has changed slightly. In the rear, hard materials, only special characters to from the arms out "lucky", "Camel", "35", "Maurice" in front of the same generation show off a lot, only wealthy ladies to double refers to the clip with a long, slender billed the "Fatima" coy. The general suction is "Double Happiness", the lower down would be a number of Gupid cigarettes. This to blaspheme God on behalf of the cigarette smell to needless to say, the odd cigarette paper on smear unevenness of nitrate, suck when would like children playing with fireworks "drops of gold", pat of the ticking, sparks, a frightened jump. Rao is the cigarette quality not beautiful, drug addicts or not, the prince, and usually is each a package hidden in the inside pocket, people do not want to know, what is the brand, to ceiling when he reached into the bag, groping, then burst out of a branch, igniting after enjoying themselves. Listen to smoke Newport 100s cigarettes on the table took the suction, the kind of scene can not be seen again. Until now, everybody strength slightly complex, cigarettes have been very unusual, but open a tin of cigarettes often put on the table, still do not see more.

I smoke a Newport cigarette began since the study period, single outside, no prohibition, and skyline Jilv, such as Ma mind, see others puff, oneself also mimic. After a number of years, from a pack of a day, and two packs a day, and a day to listen to. About twenty years ago, one day be seized by a whim, I want to try their own how much self-control strength, may wish to quit from the start. Twain Mark said: "it's easy to give up smoking. I've done it dozens of times a year."." I did not choose an auspicious day, there is no room Suwa, silent to throw cigarette all remaining in the garbage heap, leave cigarette holder, a tobacco pipe, pack of cigarettes, lighters, after were donated to others, just an ashtray did not abandon. "Cold turkey quitting uncomfortable, for a time at a loss, but was too busy working to send cravings they had no time to really boil but eat a piece of chocolate. Chocolate has not yet finished a box, and really tired of the stomach, so the chocolate is also quit. I am ashamed to say that I was just quit, after haven't quit.