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Twilight sunset shape with the red dot in my hand that cigarette at almost, my mouth to spit out the clouds of the sky like Marlboro cigarettes, two different is sunset with clouds constitute a beautiful picture, and I am now the scene let life be disgusted. When I indulge in sunset beautiful, around he failed to take into account, which with me in the smoking can be not the same, I smoke, always turn eyes, look at the eyes of others whether I am in angry, so I indulge in this kind of beauty, often feel lack of U.S. - China. Is sunset than even the brief and is reluctant to the when I breathe in the smoke of the cigarette end ejecting to, only to find that the hands of the "good".

The sunset is beautiful, although it is close to the night, but some people think it is permanent. Today it disappeared in my eyes, it is quiet and quiet tomorrow, and let all the people in a busy day to get a kind of peaceful happiness. Although the poet said "sunset infinite good, just near dusk," but the "good" belong to everyone, let everyone feel its presence, and doubly cherish. Like every great man who took his own light and heat to the world, history will not erase their names. And this light cigarette is my own, it's not burning like a candle so bright, can not be light and tropical to human. On the contrary, it will only make my life more short, but also make the surrounding environment more severe. Smoking is harmful to health!

Smoke a Marlboro cigarette in the sunset, like selfish in the dedication. If the smoke can bring people happy, then this is a kind of happiness, and the joy of the sunset people are a lot of people are longing for. If the cigarette and sunset are like people, the former is small, the latter is great. The latter is great, because it is the own beautiful dedication to the earth, the earth all things get the sun, the earth has become so brightly colorful. In fact, as a person, we also need to have the spirit of the sunset, the good sharing of their own people, that is a really good. I love smoking in the dusk, I feel like a romantic poet, but also a thinker's heart. In my eyes, the sunset smoke itself is a poem. I am a confused young and beautiful sunset like my age, youth is a ballad, wolf in a few minutes he finished singing it. I did not keep it, because the wind falling, into the rush Creek, and water. When I will cigarette end ejecting, he can not help but sing a song "fireworks and Marlboro cigarettes", this is me, a sunset smoked juvenile.