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The Measures

The so-called second-hand smoke, is a kind of passive smoking. The ubiquitous second-hand smoke, people really scared. But if in the office of your colleagues or leaders are smokers, every day in the smoke, how do you do? Xiaoqing now in this environment, I have been clear to them many times without the slightest improvement! I finally had to think of a way to, below Xiaoqing is and has a encountered the same friends to share experience, hope to be able to help all of you. The main measures to deal with the hazards of secondhand smoke:

1. quit smoking, stop smoking Marlboro menthol indoors, this is the most effective way. If you can't please see below the control method. 2. eat more fresh fruits and vegetables (especially rich in carotene and vitamin C), Because vitamins have antioxidant function, can anticancer (such as papaya, tomato, carrot, pumpkin Vegetable & Fruit.) 3. drink plenty of water, much micturition. More exercise, more sweat, can accelerate the body get rid of nicotine and other harmful substances. 4. experts suggest that lung cancer should focus on prevention, young people should quit smoking Marlboro 100s or less smoking. Smoking history, early symptoms, such as cough, pain in the chest and shoulder pain, chronic respiratory disease, or a family cancer history, each year, the best to the hospital once or twice low dose spiral CT screening for early detection and early treatment. 5. qualified families can buy air purification products to purify the indoor environment.

The study, negative ion air purification products through a nano fullerene negative ion release device technology for the production of negative ion active covering the interior space of the dead, compared to older passive adsorption purification effect is better, the effect is verified by experiments is very good. The Marlboro cigarette in the fingers slowly burning, a cup of tea, but also a sleepless night. A person, a Marlboro menthol lights cigarette, a cup of tea, a book. Thin smoke, thin materials, carefully read... Not the time to say. This habit, I do not know since when has gotten into my life, perhaps is the bones alone? At night, my spirit and feeling has gradually become saturated and keen. Quiet night.